Construction Coatings

Type Product Code Characteristic Application Download
Epoxy (Floor) Hanapoxy_Primer
(Epoxy-Lined Floor Coating)
HPA 4210 Adhesion, Chemical resistance, Abrasion resistance Concrete Floor
(Solvent-Free Epoxy Coating System)
HPA 4200 Adhesion, Chemical resistance, Durability, High Dustproff
(Solvent-Free Epoxy Coating System)
HPE 4210 Water/Oil resistance, Corrosion resistance, Chemical Resistacne
Water-Proof Urethane "Hanatane Primer
(Waterproof Urethane)
Primer Adhesion, Water Resistacne, Workability Waterproof Coating for Building
Hanatane Mid
(Waterproof Urethane)
Mid Adhesion, Water Resistacne, Workability
"Hanatane Top
(Waterproof Urethane)
Top Adhesion, Water Resistacne, Workability
Enamel Hanamel Primer
(Quick Drying Anti-Rust Primer)
HPA 2100 Adhesion, Anti-rust, Workability Rust prevention of steel structures
Hanamel Top
(Quick Drying Anti-Rust Primer)
HPE 2120 Quick Drying, Hiding Power, Workability, Durability Steel and wood in buildings and furniture