Waterborne & Water Soluble Coatings

Type Product Characteristic Application
Waterborne Epoxy Hanapoxy aqua primer(CF) Adhesion, Chemical resistance, Abrasion resistance Concrete floor
Hanapoxy aqua topcoat(CF) Adhesion, Chemical resistance, Durability Concrete floor
Hanapoxy aqua primer(ST) Adhesion, Chemical resistance, Antirust Heavy electric machine, Transformer, General steel
Hanapoxy aqua topcoat(ST) Salt water resistance , Oil resistance, Abrasion resistance Interior and exterior of steel
Waterborne Hanaqua exterior Adhesion, Weather resistance, Abrasion resistance Concrete, Cement mortar
Hanaqua Interior Adhesion, Water resistance Concrete, Cement mortar, Wood, Steel
Water soluble Hanaqua antirust paint Adhesion, Water solubility, Quick drying, Corrosion resistance C-section steel, Square pipe, Deck plate