Hanjin Chemical will make the dream of tomorrow with customers and value the happiness of life.

Hanjin Chemical was founded in 2011, and produces superior paints and synthetic resins supplied to a reasonable price and high quality to our customers at domestic and abroad.

“Safety, Environment, and Quality” are the three main goals of our company management, especially safety and the environment are our top priorities and we make efforts to improve the quality.

Now, Hanjin Chemical is preparing to leap beyond the domestic market to the global market. We will raise our global competitiveness by developing eco-friendly products that reflect human beings and nature, innovating production processes, and strengthening overseas marketing. And Hanjin Chemical will always provide the best technology and services, we think the most important to the customer’s promise.

Hanjin Chemical
Founded : 11th November, 2011
Area of Factory : 10,154 ㎡
Products : ① Paints, Synthetic resins
② Pressure sensitive adhesive ③ Special chemicals
Location : 110-24, Hwasan-ro, Onsan-eup, Ulju-gun,
Ulsan, Korea.
TEL : (052) 700-7100
FAX : (052) 700-7101